Begin your day peacefully!

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Set up the alarm 5 minutes before your usual time. Leave your alarm on snooze, just in case!

Lie on your back and take 3 deep breathes and exhale slowly. Then, concentrate on your natural breath and begin to visualize what you have to achieve during the day.

See yourself through the day, feel it! If you have something nice planned, feel your excitement or your happiness! If you have something you don’t like or you don’t feel comfortable with, visualize it the way you would like to live it. Feel it…

Take 3 final deep breathes and exhale slowly. Be grateful for this new day and don’t hesitate to smile!

You are now ready to begin your day! Last little advice, don’t jump out of your bed: lay on the side, put your legs out of the bed, sit on the edge of the bed and then get up.


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