Au revoir to the stress at the end of the year!






The end of the year means the festive season. It brings family and friends together. It is a sharing and joyful time. It could also bring some frustration, tiredness and stress.

What about deciding that this year will be different? It is possible! Sorry, I don’t have a magic wand. You need to put little things into practice and maybe try another approach.
You have still time to put a few things into place which will help you to feel at peace and joyful.

Here are 3 suggestions:

Planning, organising and anticipating: Are you a last minute shopper? The shops are then full of people who are stressed, being short on time your mind is racing and you become nervous. It is easy to purchase a gift just for the sake of it!!

So why not start planning now? Think ahead… write a couple of lists.  One for all the gifts you need to purchase and another for all the food you need to buy especially if you are entertaining.  Then allocate time for shopping and write this into your diary.

Imagine how you will feel if by the 15th of December you have all of your gifts wrapped, cards have been written and sent and you just need to do your food shopping.

Breathing consciously: You breathe all the time, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to read this! It is automatic and we don’t think about it. Well, it is a powerful tool to help us to relax and connect within. It is available 24h and it is free!

What can you do? Take your attention to your natural breath without changing anything. You are listening consciously to your breath coming in and going out from your body. It you are not familiar with this, you can focus at the top of your nose where the air goes in and comes out… or if you have a deeper breathing, the abdominal breathing, take your attention there…

Now count your breath… Each time you breathe in, you tell yourself:

I am breathing in 1 – I am breathing out 1,
I am breathing in 2 – I am breathing out 2…

Count until 3 or if you are more adventurous, go for 10 breaths. How do you feel afterwards?

Practice everyday a few times. Maybe when you get up, in the tube or bus, in a queue at the post office when sending these festive cards, at the cashier when waiting, or in the fitting rooms! Be creative…

What better time to give yourself permission to relax and connect within. This simple practice can be used anywhere at anytime.

Taking care of yourself by saying «no» and asking for help: The best way to take care of yourself is to say NO more………..

No to invitations
No to engagement
No to requests
No because you feel tired

Try to listen to your body and not your head.  Mentally you will find loads of reasons for you not to say no.  This is the start of you taking real care of your health and well being.

Why not ask for more help or delegate? You are not a super human with special powers.  Who can help you? In an ever increasing environment where most people are short on time the pressure of Christmas can feel overwhelming.  Maybe this is the year where you pull things back, do less, be more prepared and really enjoy this special time with loved ones?

How does all this sound? Yes, very exciting.  As we say if you continue to do the same things, you will get the same result.  Time for change.

Enjoy every moment!

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