Want a change? but don’t know where to start!!


capture-decran-2017-01-20-a-15-22-04With the new year comes generally a period when people decide to change something: the New Year resolutions!

What I’ve experienced for myself and witnessed happening for others is that you are first very enthusiastic by eating in a healthy way, exercising regularly, leaving work earlier, going out and meeting new people, spending more time with the children… So you begin your new regime… It works for a week, maybe two weeks, maybe a month and then, suddenly you can’t keep up and you go back to square one.

What has happened between the moment you’ve decided to make a change, you put it into action and before you know it, it is gone out of the window?

Making permanent changes are:

  • Identifying one thing you want to change: What is it you are not happy with? What is it you would like to change?
  • Asking yourself questions about why you want this change: Why would you like to change that? What are your reasons? What is the purpose behind what you would like to change? What is your intention? This step is important as you can go back if you encounter some tough moments when you are in action.
  • Thinking of how does this behaviour currently serve you? It is hard to believe but the habit we want to change serves a purpose for us right now. What could it be?
  • Feeling the discomfort: How would you feel in one year… 3 years… 5 years… if you haven’t done anything about it? What does it prevent you from doing? How does it impact you and the people around you?
  • Feeling the comfort: How would you feel in one year… 3 years… 5 years… if you have done something about it? What has changed? What did the change allow you to be and to do? How did it impact you and the people around you?
  • Being in action: You are ready to put some actions into place. I would suggest to begin with small steps and attainable goals. The process doesn’t need to be perfect. The main point is to be in action.
  • Facing tough moments: Breathe… Remind yourself the «why»… Visualise yourself having reached your goal and feel the comfort (using your different senses)
  • Thanking and celebrating: We tend to forget to give ourselves credit… and celebrate. Don’t hesitate to thank yourself and recognise your efforts and what you’ve already achieved, even the small steps!

We live in a fast paced environment where people want immediate results. Changes happen through time. Patience and consistency are key. I would suggest you be kind to yourself.

I wish you well – good luck!

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