About Nathalie

When I was nearly 40 years old, I was not enjoying anymore what I was doing. I felt that my energy was sucked everyday by the company I was working for. I felt lost, completely lost… and bored… with no purpose. I had regularly aches and pains. My body was crying out what I was feeling inside! If you’ve met me at this time, you wouldn’t have guessed that I was in such a state. Some people call this period the midlife crisis.

I arrived to a point where it became a necessity to do something. I’ve allowed myself to take a sabbatical to get out of my routine and my comfort zone. First time ever, I stopped working for such a long period. It was like everything was possible. I followed my heart by spending some time with my grandparents who were still alive, walking on a part of the St James Way from Portugal to Spain to come back to essentials and then, integrating an Art school in London to play with my creative side.

Taking some distance with my life gave me the opportunity to assess where I was. I never pushed the button «pause» before that period! I had this feeling that I was on a path which was not chosen by me. I followed the crowd and what I was told to do and to be… I went to school, studied… got diplomas… got my first job and then, climbed the ladder. My work was very important to me.

Through my sabbatical period I came back to me, understood who I was, what I wanted and decided to go towards what was important for me.

I felt compelled to learn techniques and tools to help me. I developed an understanding of my body, listening and working with it, finding out the importance of moving and relaxing… how to put in place a way to boost your energy levels. Then, I turned to nutrition as the quality of what you eat is so important and makes such a difference health wise.

The bit which was left to the end and which is playing such a huge part in my life was my head! My way of thinking and my attitudes towards life was not helping. With meditation and mindfulness I’ve learnt to slow down, to establish a relationship within, to increase my self-esteem by taking care of myself and to develop resilience. This journey brought me to take responsibility of my life and feel more energetic, motivated and joyful.

I am now happy to help my clients who face a midlife crisis. It can appear even if everything seems to be well from the outside or during deep changing times. The results are the same: feeling empty, stuck, demotivated, loss of references and purpose, feeling of not knowing anymore who you are and that nobody understands you.

I was there and I know that this period is full of opportunities and possibilities. Working together means that you discover how to deal with your mind and manage stress, how to take care of yourself, what is important and how to connect to your inner resources to create a beautiful, meaningful and productive life.

Midlife crisis equals opportunities and possibilities to be yourself and go towards matters to you. It is your time to shine!

I invite you to a free discovery session to find out how I can help.

Life is a fantastic gift. Have fun and truly enjoy every moment!

A bientôt!


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